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Earn Money With Online Teaching

 Earn Money From Online  By Online Teaching?

If you have good knowledge of any subject. Or you can explain something very well. So there are many such sites where you can earn money by teaching someone.

From this online platform, you may earn from 2000 to 5000 for at least one day by giving lectures every day. In today's world, there are huge online studies providing companies such as Byju, Udemy, etc. They are doing great work.

You too can earn a lot of money by working like them. This is the best way to earn money online who love to teach.

online teaching

Make money as an online teacher

You may not be unaware of the importance of becoming an online tutor. Because of the advantage of information technology, many people now want to learn anything online. Many people cannot afford to go to any institution due to busy schedules. That is why there is a demand for online teachers increases further. The income will gradually be increasing like other jobs like freelancing. So, the opportunity of earning income by teaching online is waiting for you.

Why become an online teacher?

Although most countries in the world still have not so much awareness about online learning platforms. Yet now, everyone from physical education institutions to online learning platforms is contributing to this billion-dollar industry in their own way.

According to a survey by Brandon-Hall, online classes take 40% - 60% less time than physical classes. Also, students where 8% - 10% concentrate in a physical or physical classroom. Their students are 25% - 60% focused during online classes.

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How to become an online teacher?

As students enroll in all online courses, they look for convenient ways to study or acquire new skills quickly. So it may be a third-party platform for e-learning or your own e-learning website. Remember that trying to give everyone an alternative to the classroom course.

How to do the course?

Courses are already designed through a variety of live software, including recorded video tutorials, live video conferencing, text lessons and animation, or YouTube. You just start on it.

You can start by opening your own website or Facebook page.  You can take your classes through a live stream.

What can you teach online?

There are many effective ways to earn money by teaching online. If you are choosing a platform for online teaching, you must be proficient in teaching.

Did you know that there are one billion students worldwide, taking English language courses online only? This is very good news for skilled and experienced English teachers. In fact, the number is expected to reach 2 billion by 2022.

However, it is based on your own skills and the courses you can create. You can be an e-teacher on one of the following online course models:

1. Skills / Hobby Training Course

If you have good skills and knowledge in various fields like language, painting, singing, guitar, dance, piano. Then, you can take all the courses online.

2. Online live course

Suppose you are well versed in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or any other graphic design or anything like that. Which can be done online in the live class system. Then, you can start to do live classes online through screen sharing. For this, you will take the full course fee, one-time in advance. Software such as zoom (, TeamViewer (, or any others software commonly used for screen sharing.

3. Package course

Instead of offering the courses on a single subject called package courses, these courses offer instruction on multiple subjects in package form. For example, in a course with Photoshop, Illustrator, and freelancing together.

4. Online tuition for academic support

It is one and only the most popular model for online education nowadays. The teachers using live video conferencing, tutors are taking real-time tuition to provide academic support to school-college students. Some platforms have taken it outside of living classes and have also launched on-demand videos and lectures alongside live classes. Varsity Tutors is a perfect and best example of an online tuition platform.

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