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Ways to make money online by designing graphics

graphic design

Ways to making money online by designing graphics

Graphic design is not limited to magazines, magazines, poster designs. On the contrary, the demand for it is increasing in thousands of jobs including advertisements, business cards, envelopes.

It is possible for a creative designer to earn 24,000 to a few lakhs a month. For this, it must have three (03) features:

1) Must be proficient in design.

2) Must have a creative mind (ideas about creative design).

3) Patience and hard work must have the mindset.

Freelancing marketplaces are usually found in all the design work. Here are some common categories:

  1. Image editing
  2. Create a logo
  3. Visiting card
  4. Advertised
  5. Making brass
  6. Journal work
  7. Make cards in business
  8. Billboard design
  9. Apps layout
  10. Web design
  11. Calendar created
  12. Magazine design
  13. Book cover design
  14. T-shirt design

In addition to those, there are many other sorts of work. Which the buyer orders as per his requirement.

Here are some of the best graphic design websites:

There are many websites to earn money by creative design. Here is a brief discussion of some of the selected sites.

You can earn income in two ways by freelancing in designing.

1) Active income.

2) Passive income.

1) Active Income:

According to the buyer's choice. Logo, banner, or any design. Earnings only once for a job can be considered as active income.

2) Passive income:

Based on the conventional needs of the design. After creating any design of your choice. As a result of uploading to specific marketplaces. As many times as sold. Only then will you get the money. And a design can be sold thousands of times.

Example: Suppose you create a web template. And set the price at $ 30 dollars. When someone will purchase your design.

Then, for every design in the marketplace. You will get 70% - 90% commission.

If your design is sold 100 times. And if the amount of commission is 70%. Then you will get:

Possible commission calculations

1 design for sale ($ 30/100) 70 = $ 21 yarn, 100 times for sale: 21100 = $ 2100

Active Income's website by designing graphics

1) 99 Designs

If you're a talented and artistic graphic designer. Then 99 design competitions through the graphics site. You can make money online.

How to get the job done:

Basically, this site is a contest for a specific project. By registering any designer for free in this contest. Can submit multiple designs. And the buyer chooses the winner of his choice.

You may think that it is very difficult to earn income through competition. But if you are a good graphic designer. Then you can easily make a lot of money from this site.


99 is the advantage of the design. Everyone here can see everyone's design. In other words, the designs made by everyone are open to everyone. Clients rate these designs. As a result, the mentality of creating good designs is created by looking at these designs.

2) Behan

Scott Belsky and Matias Cora founded Beyonc in 2006. Subsequently, in 2012, the famous design tools maker Adobe Inc acquired the ownership of Behan.

Adobe Company is:

The best software company in the graphics world is a popular marketplace for creative graphic designers. If you are new to freelancing. For you, this is the best marketplace. The reason is that the designers of this site are sympathetic to other designers and clients. Considered as one of the social media to express their skills and qualifications.

Interesting information here completes a portfolio. Buyers are likely to call everyone who looks appropriate if there are only a couple of.

Advantages of working in Behan:

This marketplace has been owned by Adobe Company ever since. Its various tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Indigenous, etc. You can upload your designs to the Behan Pro site. And share with everyone as a portfolio.

3) Design crowd

It is such a graphics-design marketplace. Where creative designers are more likely to find work.

Although this site is like 99 designs. Because the work rate is relatively low. There is less competition here. So newcomers are more likely to get jobs from here.

Design crowd usually, custom graphics, logo design, web design. And the best freelance market for printing designs on T-shirts and mugs.

4) Art Wanted

Are you good at art? Do you like to draw with a pencil or pen? Or do you have a hobby of drawing, cartooning, or any other design? Then you can easily earn money by freelancing in a creative way through Art-Wanted.

Buyers browse here by different keywords. And contact the artist to purchase their desired art.

In fact, you could call it a portfolio site. Because experienced photographers and artists design their art + here and create a design store as a portfolio. So that the buyer can be shown the work sample. Also, create art galleries here and share them on social media

5) Coroflot

If you are an expert in creative design. Then you can consider the Coroflot platform as the best graphics-freelancing portfolio site for you.

This job place is almost like Art-Wanted. But the difference is: art-wanted photography and cartography are more common. And by creating a graphics portfolio of all categories at Coroflot. Jobs are available from clients.

6) Crowdspring

This place is best for unique and creative designers. Here you can find all kinds of work-related graphics starting from logo design.

Here you can sign up for free and get freelance instantly. Because you don't have to wait for confirmation on a site like Crowd Spring is a good marketplace for beginners.

7) Red Bubble

Red-Bubble is an Australian design place. Companies from different countries print on T-shirts, mugs, or stickers. They buy the specified readymade designs from here. Register on this site. Create a virtual design shop and upload your own designs. Busy! you do not need to do anything. All other work including design pricing and promotion. are going to be taken by the chief of Red-Bubble.

Income from creative design

8) Incadi

This site sells more of those products, including business cards, letterheads, vouchers, and envelopes. and therefore the buyers here get the specified design of their product by professional designers.


After opening the account, you would like to upload your design.

If the planning is exclusive or if it's in demand. Only by approving the planning by Inkadi. you'll earn money by creative design.

Although it's very difficult to seek out work here. But getting employment for professionals doesn't matter.

But the advantage of this site is this: each design here sells for a minimum of $ 30.

9) Graphics Design Freelance Job in This-Is-A-Limited-Edition

Believe it or not. If you'll work on this site. Start thinking of yourself as a self-interested designer within the world of graphics.

However, the condition to figure here. you would like to be a real creative graphics designer. This site includes design prints, art prints, canvas prints of all kinds of furniture for home, office, and various organizations. A to Z means all kinds of design work are available.

Rules for getting a job:

This site is additionally very professional. that's like other marketplaces. To check in here. No direct option. However, to join, first, you've got to click on the link and send the request mail. Then after they verify your previous work experience. If the portfolio is suitable. Then it'll send you a call for participation link to hitch.

10) Society Six

Well! If two birds die in one swoop. So how is it?

Yes! Society Six is supplying you with an opportunity, like killing two birds with one stone. That is, suppose you designed a T-shirt and uploaded it to the present site. And your design is thru their automated software. Stickers, mugs, shopping bags, and the other printed version are going to be converted and stored on their site. And yes; This work is going to be fully owned by you. Friend! If you're employed on this site once. I'm sure you will be forced to mention it. The Society-Six market is for graphic designers. one among the simplest freelance sites to earn money reception. So, if you would like to form money by designing graphics. Join Society-Six today.

Passive income by creative design

11) Graphic-River

Designed for passive income. the simplest marketplace is Graphic-River. Because to sell products and obtain buyers. this is often a reliable site. you'll only submit your design once here. Busy! As repeatedly as sold. you'll get 60% - 70% commission per cell at that point.

Here are a number of the best-selling product categories on Graphic-River:

  • Logo and photo design
  • Illustrator vector
  • Presentation
  • Mug and bag print design
  • Web element design
  • Games Assist
  • Web icon
  • Font and typing style and
  • Many more categories of styles including T-shirt designs.

So, you'll open a passive income source from today by opening an account free of charge. Also, from high-level designers. you'll get all the ideas associated with graphics. Through this design market tutorial blog.

12) Creative market

This site is nearly sort of a graphic river. However, the difference is: -

1) Design value in Graphic-River is decided by the location authority.

But here you'll determine the worth of your design.

2) Graphicriver will get 60% - 70% sales commission at an unspecified rate. and that they will keep a 20% - 40% commission.

But they're going to keep 30% of the fixed asking price within the creative market. And you get the remaining 80%.

However, there's a similarity between Graphic River and the artistic marketplace. If anyone buys any design for your reference. Then you'll get some extra commission per cell.


The advantage of this site is if you would like. an equivalent design is often sold on other sites. you'll say, a golden opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. the location authorities haven't any objection.

So don't delay. additionally, to the graphic driver, you'll also earn money by selling designs on this site with no hesitation.

13) GL-Stoke

Like Creative-Market, you're on this site. an equivalent design is often sold on other sites. the sole difference is:

For each design, do as you please. Can found out to $ 1- $ 30. 40% of which is the sales commission, you'll get. And you'll withdraw as long as the minimum is $ 50.

14) Fever

Fiverr is one of the largest small marketplaces in the world. Here is the fixed selling price of any design: only $5. In addition to graphics design, a wide range of products are available here. So (small business) buyers buy products of their choice from here.

The unique role of this site is to gig. That means how much service will you give for 5 dollars. He has to mention it.

If any buyer likes to see your service points. Then he will hire you. Besides, your gig is constantly being sold.

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